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Winner of the gold medal at the German Rum Awards in Berlin!

The sugar cane is grown on Aldea’s own fields and raised without the addition of fertilizers or pesticides. After the distillation, the rum matured for a 17-year period in ex-Bourbon and Spanish oak barrels. After 17 years on the island, a special selection of PX and Pineau des Charantes barrels housed this amazingly smooth rum for the 5 months voyage over the Atlantic Ocean for a memorable finish.
Since the ship is constantly in motion, contact with the wood is intensified again. 

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The rum colours to gold when poured into your glass. You will experience a pleasant smell of caramel and flowers.The taste is light and smooth and stays on the tongue for a long time.

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Edition Nr. 52
Content: 70cl
Alcohol: 41,5% vol
Taste: citrus, vanilla, peppers & chocolate
Colour: dark gold
Aged: 17 years on Bourbon barrels & 6 months onboard of the Tres Hombres
Voyage: From La Palma via Caribbean to Amsterdam (8.590 NM)
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