As soon as the cork is opened, the aroma flows into the room. The rum flows mahogany-colored into the glass and lets the time run down inside the glass.
The nose is spicy, oak is easily recognizable, salty caramel. After a minute or two, you can see the light coconut tone that is so typical of Barbados rum, plus some chocolate and spicy tones.
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Pot still distilled from molasses in 2012 on the Foursquare distillery in Barbados, this rum rested in Bourbon barrels until January 2021, until Tres Hombres arrived with port, madeira, and moscatel barrels in Bridgetown.
Four months of sailing through the Caribbean and back to Amsterdam has given this excellent rum a distinct Tres Hombres finish. Natural fermentation with Caribbean yeast. In 2020 the Tres Hombres decided on an eight-year-old rum which seems much older than you would think just by looking at the label. At Foursquare, the rum was transferred from Bourbon barrels into old madeira and moscatel barrels and loaded onto the Tres Hombres.

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edition Nr. 46
Content: 70cl
Alcohol: 43% vol
Taste: caramel& honey
Aged: 8 years on bourbon barrels & 6 months on board in madeira, and moscatel barrels
Voyage: from Barbados, via the Caribbean islands back toAmsterdam (5.950 NM)
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