Tres Hombres 12 años | Barbados

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Tres Hombres Old Bayan – Barbados

Distilled in 2005 in the "pot still" process from the Foursquare Distillery in the St. Georges Valley sailed to us from Barbados by the TRES HOMBRES in 2017.

"After a gentle ocean crossing, we anchored in Carlisle Bay, surrounded by crystal clear waters and white beaches. We emptied the port wine left in the barrels to fill them with Richard Seale's great rum".

A noble distillate whose recipe is based on well-guarded family traditions and generations of shared skills. Distilled cane molasses without any additives, bourbon barrels and the Caribbean heat are the ingredients of what landed in our 7 port wine barrels!

Alcohol: 42 Vol.% | Content: 0,7L