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Fifteen years of aging in the Aldea Distillery on La Palma prepared this rum for its sailing voyage of almost 10.000 miles over the Atlantic ocean. The sugar cane is grown on Aldea’s own fields and raised without the addition of fertilizers or pesticides. After the distillation, the rum matured for a full 15 years in ex-bourbon and Spanish oak barrels. It was given second aging in the Tres Hombres cargo hold for another 6 months. Since the ship is constantly in motion, contact with the wood is intensified again. The ruby port, red wine,and moscatel barrels infused their spirit during the time on board for a memorable finish.

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The rum colors to gold when poured into your glass. You will experience an explosion of citrus, vanilla, flowers, peppers, and chocolate. Quite a complex experience, not only when tasting it, but also for the nose. The taste stays on the tongue for a long time, at the very endt here is a peppery yet smooth and warm after taste.

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Edition Nr. 45
Content: 70cl
Alcohol: 43% vol
Taste: citrus, vanilla, flowers, peppers, and chocolate
Colour: terracotta
Aged: 15 years on Bourbon barrels & 6 months onboard of the TRES HOMBRES
Voyage: From La Palma via Caribbean to Amsterdam (8.590 NM)
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