Chili and cinnamon are the tastes that first come to mind. Before you realize it after the first light moment a fine explosion of tastes. It has a long aftertaste that stays on the tip of your tongue for quite sometime.

Cask Strength! Werecommend to drink the strong rum with a little water. (63,2%vol!)

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Destilled and aged by Foursquare on Barbados. Richard Seale released this fine spirit forTres Hombres to cross the ocean in an old Brandy cask. Dynamic aging is thename. Craftsmanship, reality, quality, and honesty are the facts. Cheers!

Limited to a few stonewarebottles.
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Edition Nr. 40
Alcohol:63,2% vol
Taste:Chili & cinnamon
Coulour: Henna red
Aged: Since 2007 on old Brandy barrels & 6 months onboar
Voyage:From Barbados, via the Caribbean Islands to Amsterdam (5.950 NM)
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