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A movement that unites passionate ship owners, brokers, buyers and producers. Working together under shared beliefs and ethics, we seek to create a healthy transport culture by transporting products globally under sail while ensuring that every stage of the supply chain promotes the preservation of the environment for future generations, from grower to buyer. We understand sail-powered shipping as a valid economic alternative that facilitates trade and shipping, empowering communities and individuals while ensuring the ability of future generations to enjoy the natural world that sustains us. (Sail Cargo Alliance Mission Statement)

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We are renovating the former Onice, a historical sail freighter for emission-free transportation of cargo and passengers. The twin sister ship of the EYE OF THE WIND, built in Hammelwarden near Bremen more than a century ago, will sail the oceans again as SV BRIGANTES in 2019. As a member of the Sail Cargo Alliance (SCA), it will carry coffee, cocoa beans, rum and more between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

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